Create value for residents.

Monitor utilities, health & lifestyle.

Technology is changing the most fundamental truth about commercial real estate for which value is based solely on location.

While location still matters, IoT has the potential to add new ways for the commercial real estate sector to create value for customers, differentiate from competitors and even find new sources of revenue. Estate managers can monitor estate utilities to ensure their continuous performance.

Also, they can track energy usage by residents and monitor unauthorized access into the estate. Here, we will explore just some of the smart monitoring applications and how residential estates can utilize IoT sensors.

Simplify the Management of Energy and Water Utilities

• Monitoring the operations of the generator.

• Track generator diesel consumption.

• Monitor water supply for quality.

• Monitor water pressure.

• Track power usage.

Comply to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations

• Track and eliminate pest activities.

• Detect smoke and alert for fire hazards.

Simplify lifestyle in Residential Estate

• Track pets and easily locate pets.

• Monitor the health of elderly people.

Improve Security in Residential Estates

• Trigger alerts in case of an emergency.

• Monitor intrusion in homes.

• Track moveable assets like cars and home equipment.

Optimize Processes for quick turnover and cost control

• Verify staff timely attendance to schedule.

• Monitor the compliance and activities of key staff.

• Automate building facilities.

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