Create seamless visits.

Track guests' preferences, offer customized services.

IoT in hospitality offers hotels, resorts, cruise boats, bars, casinos, and restaurants the opportunity to save cost and increase optimized services for their guests.

Businesses in the hospitality sector can track guests’ preferences over time and deliver more customized services and coupons to them. This results in a seamless hospitality experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Here, we will explore just some of the smart monitoring applications and how hotels and other hospitality centres can utilize IoT sensors.

Simplify the Management of Energy and Water Utilities

• Measure water quality.

• Monitor water pressure and detect leakages.

• Track power usage.

• Track availability of parking spots.

Comply to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations

• Monitor and reduce rodent activities.

• Measure food quality.

• Monitor cold chain temperature.

• Measures air quality parameters.

• Detect smoke and prevent fire.

Ensure Customer Service Standards are Met

• Collate customer feedback.

• Test food for quality assurance.

Improve Security in Hotels and Resorts

• Monitor and trigger alerts in case of an emergency.

• Detect unauthorized access to rooms.

• Monitor against theft.

• Track visitors to beds and rooms after booking.

Optimize Processes to Minimize Cost and Improve Productivity

• Monitor staff presence.

• Track staff attendance compliance.

• Automate hotel facilities.

• Monitor the operation of key assets.

• Track inventory levels.

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