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Over manufacturing, production & transportation.

The food and beverage industry is a very key industry in the world that determines the survival of man. As a result, special care and control must be observed to ensure that food and beverages meet stipulated quality standards.

With long-range wireless area network, food and beverage companies can monitor key parameters that ensure that food and beverages do not spoil and are fit for human consumption at all times.

Here, we will explore just some of the smart monitoring applications and how this industry can utilize IoT sensors.

Optimize Processes for Better Administrative Planning

• Monitor staff presence.

• Verify staff timely attendance.

• Monitor solar battery life.

• Automate building facilities.

• Track inventory levels.

Comply to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations

• Monitor and curb rodent activities.

• Track key parameters for food safety.

• Monitor cooling systems, cold rooms and trucks.

• Monitor air quality to minimize risk of spreading airborne diseases.

• Detect fire before it escalates.

Ensure Customer Requirements are met

• Collate customer feedback data.

• Monitor food quality and consistency.

• Monitor product and service delivery.

Improve Security of of People, Food and Beverages

• Monitor shopping carts in the supermarket.

• Secure assets from theft.

• Track heavy equipment for maintenance schedules.

• Monitor distribution channels.

Improve Process Optimization for Productivity

• Monitor staff activities on the manufacturing floor.

• Monitor staff activities on the manufacturing floor.

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