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Collect data for better administration.

With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the last decades, farming has seen a number of technological transformations.

Smart Monitoring has found its application in precision agriculture and tremendously improves many facets of the farming practice. Including water utilities, health and safety, agro security and process optimization. Here, we will explore just some of the smart monitoring applications and how farmers can utilize IoT sensors.

Simplify the Management of Energy and Water Utilities

• Track generator operation for maintenance schedule.

• Monitor diesel consumption in generators.

• Monitor water quality conditions.

• Detect defects in water pressure.

• Control power consumption per staff or desk.

• Tracks availability of parking spots for guests.

Comply to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations

• Track and curb pest problems.

• Real-time monitoring of air quality.

• Automated alarm system for fire.

Simplify Customer Satisfaction Tracking

• Track customer satisfaction.

• Monitor consistency in service delivery.

• Track staff and customers' behaviour.

Improve Security of Lives and Key Assets

• Control a threatening situation with panic buttons.

• Monitor unauthorized access.

• Track stolen items.

• Track sales and monitor transactions.

Improve Productivity Through Process Optimization

• Track staff arrival and departure.

• Monitor the presence and operations of staff.

• Automate office buildings.

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