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Due to the vast network of branches across the country, financial institutions, like many other industries, are adopting various digital strategies to monitor activities and effectiveness of their operations.

Many banks adopt IoT technologies to control costs, reduce administrative operations, improve security, revenue assurance and increase profitability. Here are some of the IoT use cases in the banking and finance sector.

Simplify the Management of Energy and Water Utilities

• Track generator operation for maintenance schedule.

• Monitor diesel consumption in generators.

• Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

• Track water quality parameters.

• Detect water leakages and pressure in the plumbing system.

Comply to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations

• Monitor and curb rodent activities.

• Measure air quality parameters.

• Detect smoke, sparks and fire outbreaks.

Ensure Customer Service Standards are Met

• Measure customer satisfaction.

• Monitor consistency in service delivery.

• Track behaviour of staff and customers.

Improve Security Within Branches and ATMs

• Monitor and trigger alerts in case of an emergency.

• Detect unauthorized access to facilities.

• Intrusion proof doors, alarms against theft

• Track the number of daily visitors in all branches.

Optimize Processes for Better Administrative Planning

• Monitor staff attendance to schedule.

• Tracking the presence of staff throughout the day.

• Monitor and automate repetitive tasks.

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