We believe in the power of technology and digitalization to transform the economic landscape across Africa

Through our IoT infrastructure we help technology experts, IT service providers and entrepreneurs across the Nation to digitalize their assets and business processes by tapping into the power of IoT.

Because of the need to monitor and get real-time data from key business assets, many businesses across several industries in Africa are already adopting the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

At least 83% of organizations that have introduced IoT technology agreed to have improved their overall efficiency by doing so.

94% of businesses will see an ROI within 6 months 96% of senior business leaders plan to use IoT in the next 3 years.

This surge in demand is the reason why we have created the PlugnPlayIoT Channel Partner Program to allow for strategic B2B IoT system integrators, software partners and resellers who will join us in achieving the goal of helping clients across all industries better monitor their business assets.

Lora Wide Area Connnectivity will give us

Wide Range

Covers up to 5km radius and can easily penetrate walls, metals and concrete

Low Cost

LoRaWAN solution is cost effective especially because there is no need for any form of hard wiring that results to extra cost of purchasing wires

Low Power

Long battery life. Lasts up to 7 years without being connected to a power source

Real Time Data

Receive data in real time, to your IT system through the LoRaWAN network

Plug and Play

Sensors are simple to install and setup - ideal to retrofit old. "dumb" assets.

Diverse Application

Over 350 different sensors available for various monitoring applications

About PlugnPlay IoT

PlugnPlayIoT is a channel partner program powered by NovaTrack Ltd that provides a complete, reliable IoT network for software developers, entrepreneurs, technology experts and service providers.

This network allows our channel partners to deploy wirelessly connected sensing devices and secured remote monitoring solutions with real-time alerts for various industries and applications at a relatively low cost.

We provide a network of gateways and server infrastructure built upon the LoRaWAN (Long-range Wireless Area Network) technology to enable connectivity of your devices and transmission of data through the cloud.

IoT system integrators, software developers and resellers connect their devices to our network to monitor and track, in real-time, key parameters on customers’ critical assets. Automate data collection and unlock key insights from your data analytics at your fingertips.

The PlugnPlay IoT channel partner program is a scalable IoT connectivity platform, which allows authorized channel partners to connect to the NovaTrack LoRaWAN network and technology ecosystem.

These Technology experts can apply to participate as system integrators, software developers or resellers and enable end-to-end IoT solutions for their customers. They can generate new business models, gather data and analytics on cloud applications, address their vertical markets needs and maximize benefits from IoT sensor deployments with our value-added applications and business services.

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